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School of Graduate Studies is the entity through which Quantum University provides graduate programs in social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and miscellaneous disciplines. These programs lead to the degrees in Arts, Science, Social Sciences and Business Studies. The School of Graduate Studies comprises a number of departments with each hosting an individual branch of learning. The school continues the Quantum tradition for quality and excellence in education.

The aim of these degree programs is to inculcate confident graduates brimming with an in depth knowledge of the subject. The graduate degrees emphasize the pure aspects of the subjects. Hence the curriculums trace the historical roots of the subjects and its subsequent development through time. The focus is on developing the theoretical and the subsequent practical aspects of the subjects. It helps the student to develop basic skills dealing with analysis, knowledge representation, communications, and writing. These courses have been designed to meet the dynamics needs of the industry. Moreover it prepares the individual to take up advanced studies for professional and academic advancement.

School of Graduate Studies functions on the tenets of interdisciplinary study. This allows a student to focus on particular discipline and simultaneously diversify the knowledge by inculcating other subjects into the core curriculum. The students can earn the desired number of credits to earn major and a minor degrees. The new approach gives learners the power to decide the content and pace of their study. The student is thus exposed to new and multiple ideas thus enriching the learning experience. This leads to development of transferable skills and professional acumen.

The Quantum Graduate Studies Students possess the following skills :

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Quantum School of Technology awarded

"Best Institute for
Industry Academia Interface - North India"

by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon'ble Union Minister of HRD, Feb 2017.

Sh Vishwanath Anand confers the Education Excellence Award for Best Private Engineering College in North India for Academics in Mumbai

Awarded Quantum School of Technology as the Best Engineering College Promoting Innovation in North India

Awards Quantum as the Most Promising Engineering College of North India