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The tourism sector has been the natural strength of the Indian economy. Tourism is a global force for economic and regional development. It has also boosted the hospitality sector. However these sectors great growth have this has experienced immense diversification owing to globalization. Consequently it offers enormous scope for the students.

Quantum School of Hospitality and Tourism has a unique focus on innovative pedagogy to orient the students towards a career of service. This focus stems from the fact this industry is exclusively based in practical work and customer satisfaction. As such students learn through up to date industry oriented curriculum. There is a focus on hands-on training which emphasizes hands on learning. Frequent workshops, seminars, guest lectures and interactive sessions with the industry expose the student to the current elements of study in the field. There is ample chance of lab work, projects and internships to let the student practice what has been learned. Therefore the course functions through a fine balance between theoretical rigor and its practical aspects. The entire learning experience is aimed at developing communication and interpersonal skills which is at the core of this industry. The entire effort is supported by world class and efficient infrastructure.

It is expected that these well trained professionals will be easily absorbed in the fast growth sector for leisure and tourism. Quality professionals in Hospitality and Tourism are in constant demand in restaurants, resorts, hotels, catering firms, cruises, airlines, shipping, railways, educational institutions, armed forces and corporate houses.

Quantum School of Hospitality and Tourism offers its student to indulge in interdisciplinary learning and emerge with skills at par with the best in the world. Such learning allows assimilation of various perspectives and endowing critical skills. The students can become better professionals by opting for major and minor degrees.

The Quantum Hospitality Students possess the following skills :

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Quantum School of Technology awarded

"Best Institute for
Industry Academia Interface - North India"

by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon'ble Union Minister of HRD, Feb 2017.

Sh Vishwanath Anand confers the Education Excellence Award for Best Private Engineering College in North India for Academics in Mumbai

Awarded Quantum School of Technology as the Best Engineering College Promoting Innovation in North India

Awards Quantum as the Most Promising Engineering College of North India