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B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture

India has had a rich agrarian culture. The importance of agriculture is a preeminent theme in Indian life. It makes important contribution to GDP. Agriculture also is a major provider of employment. It goes without saying that agriculture constitutes a paramount factor in ensuring the economic development of the country.

In modern times great advances have been made in the field of science. They have impacted agriculture in a radical way. The modern study of agriculture involves how to employ the methods of science to the activity of traditional agriculture. The aim of BSC agriculture is to educate and train students in scientific methods to affect agricultural productivity in a sustainable way. The BSC would impart students the necessary skills to solve practical issues. The curriculum inculcates research activity to sustain developments.

Students who have a love for nature and enthusiasm for physical activity are best fitted for this course. The course offers a great avenue to see scientific theories being applied for the general good and in a way that directly affects the national economy.


B.Sc. Agriculture degree offers a number of avenues for growth. The graduates desirous of specializing may opt for a master’s program.

The Undergraduate Degree in B.Sc. Agriculture consists of few core subjects such as Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Agronomy, Soil Science, Plant Genetics, Plant Pathology, Land Surveying, Entomology Horticulture, Physiology, Food Science, water resource management, and Animal Products management. A number of subjects such as Economics, Meteorology, Technology, Business, and Production Management are studied in close reference to the subject.

A large part of the agriculture programme is based in practice inculcated via field trips, study tours, and projects. A B.Sc graduate is expected to master concepts like macro-micro crop planning, Agri-financing and agricultural statistics and use them extensively.


Agricultural sector in India employs the largest workforce. However the sector is still underdeveloped. The sector is in need of a professional workforce. Therefore the scope of growth and jobs is immense.

The Indian Government is a major provider of jobs in the agriculture sector. The State Agriculture Departments recruit Graduates for posts at different levels. A major activity of Government Banks involves agricultural loans. Jobs in such profiles are most suitable for Agriculture graduates.

The private sector has a number of jobs for Agriculture graduate. Such jobs are available in rubber plantations, tea gardens, vegetable farms, orchards, Fertilizer Manufacturing firms, Agriculture Machinery, Food processing, Agricultural Products and Marketing firms.

A number of job profiles available for Agriculture graduates are Quality Assurance Officer, Production Manager, Loan Officer and Agriculture Officer. People with work experience may work as independent consultants.


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