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B.A. (Hons.) Economics

Economics is a science which studies the production, consumption and distribution of goods as well as services. A BA Economics merely focuses on theory while an honours course deals with some specialized topics to prepare for higher study.

This is a three-year program designed to match the expectations of corporate world. It focuses on problem solving via the quantitative and analytical approach. It is specifically designed keeping in perspective the business and management needs of the economy.

The overall aim of the BA (Hons) Economics program is to train students in the theoretical and practical aspects of the economy. The faculty of critical analysis will be developed to encourage applied research upon economic issues. This will ultimately provide deeper understanding of a modern economy.


After graduating with a BA (Hons) Economics degree the student can pursue a higher specialization in related fields or allied fields. To this effect the simplest path is a MAEconomics.

A number of allied subjects are available for specialized study such as Business, Micro-Macro Economics, Industrial Economics, Labor Economics, International Economics and corporate law. Alternately, an MPhil or a PHD in economics can be pursued. This allows entry into teaching and research fields.

After successfully completing the course students will expertly deal with economic systems dealing with money, and banking. They will confidently use the quantitative-analytical methods for studying comparative economics and application to industry. This exercise will also enhance communication skills, lifelong learning, and personal development.

The course exposes the student to a number of core and allied subjects. These include Mathematics, Statistics, Game Theory, Probability, Econometrics, Economic Modeling, Micro-Macroeconomics, Indian Economy, Environmental Economics, Corporate Strategy Tax Strategy Money Markets, Accounting Industrial Organization and Comparative Economic Development.


The importance of economics is growing by the day. Job opportunities are on a rise post liberalization and globalization. Therefore BA (Hons) Economics provides immediate possibilities for employment including Banking, Insurance, stocks, retail management, Investment, finance, Import-Export and manufacturing sector. With a growing economy economists are urgently needed in Business and Policy Analysis for forecasting and survey.

The degree provides ample chance for careers with government via Civil Services. This includes organizations as Reserve Bank of India, Planning Commission, Customs Department, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Graduates wishing a career in journalism can practice by compiling reports on business and economic for newspapers or news channels. People oriented towards self-reliance can work as entrepreneurs, analysts, consultants and researchers.

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