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B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry

The science of chemistry is in essence a study of matter. Chemistry focuses on the physical and chemical structure of the matter. As such Chemistry is a fundamental field of modern science. The science goes further to understand the atomic structure and molecular interaction of matter. Ultimately this knowledge enables many interesting applications.

Chemistry has emerged as the cornerstone of industrial processes. Consequently it is the basis of economy and wealth. It is owing to the science of chemistry that we are reaping the fruits of the industrial revolution. As such chemistry advances fields like health, medicine, environment, energy, food, agriculture, and materials technology.

Chemistry is essentially an experiment-based science. People, who like to test theories, work in the lab and design practical solutions will find chemistry especially fascinating.


A B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry not only provides a rigorous study of the science itself but endows the student with valuable transferable skills. This is essential for the professional development of the individual and readiness for a variety of employment.

A number of industry specific and career oriented specializations are available. These options include M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Materials Chemistry. Business oriented individuals can seek a Master of Business Administration (MBA). This graduation of continuing studies may be augmented with the relevant MPHIL and PHD programmes. Students can also have options to pursue specific courses in engineering.

BSC degree in Chemistry is an exciting science as it is substantially lab oriented. It provides practical hands-on work experience. Such an exposure is particularly valuable in the job market. The degree exposes the students to a number of topics. Some of the salient concepts studied are Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Reaction Mechanism, Functional Groups, Molecular Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

Some of the specializations of Chemistry that can be pursued are Materials Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.


The quickest employment is found in the educational sector as a teacher with numerous private and Government educational institutions. The major providers of jobs are in chemicals industry or pharmaceutics.

At the entry level most fields give easy jobs to BSC Chemistry graduates. However, higher positions in research require a PhD.A prominent job profiles is that of a Chemist in Analytical and Bio-medical techniques. Other profiles include Production Associate, Industrial Researcher, Materials Technologist, Quality Controller,Production Officer, and R & D Manager.

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