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B.Com (Hons.)

The Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (BCOMH) is a degree program which provides an extensive overview of the field of commerce with a specific thrust on a core constituent subject. The program usually involves intense study which culminates with a dissertation.

The program is designed to inculcate knowledge with skill to develop a firsthand grasp of business studies. This degree aims to provide a strong conceptual foundation of core Commerce curricula. It is furthered with a specific specialization in a select core are of the curriculum. The BCOMH unlike the ordinary graduate program in Commerce has a focus on an in-depth study. Therefore it is best suited to students who plan to conduct research oriented studies in the future or are inclined towards entrepreneurial goals. It is expected that the student has strong analytical ability, varied communication skills and creative thinking to negotiate the demands of this program.


A BCOMH with one specialization entitles a student to specialize in another subject with a second Honours degree. Moreover the student can pursue a Master of Commerce (MCOM) program in a number of specialized fields. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a very popular option to augment the BCOMH degree. An MPHIL or PHD program entitles a student to enter the world of research or academics.

The thrust of the curriculum is on business law, management, decision making, finance statements analysis, wealth management, marketing etc. Subject areas that are studies include Accounting, Economics, Taxation, Business Laws, Auditing and Assurance, Financial Reporting, Finance Management, Marketing Management, International Business, Information Science and Cost Accounting

The BCOMH is an intensive programme which enhances the student ability on a number of fronts. It prepares students for direct entry to business careers, entrepreneurial goals and research via maximized industry interface. The course inculcates business acumen via soft skills, coupled with exposure to modern principles in accounting and finance with modern financial techniques and analytical tools such as Finacle, SAP, Tally etc.


The career options for BCOMH include business management and development, accounting, advertising, marketing, banking, consulting, financial planning, fund management, economic analysis, foreign affairs, international business, trade analysis, policy formulation, government administration and portfolio management. In the private sector the employment avenues are in Finance firms, Insurance, Corporates, Stock Market and Banks.

The public sector provides entry into a nunnery of high profile jobs via exams held by state and central Governments. A number of prestigious exams, which grant access to administrative cadres, are also worth competing such as IAS, IFS, IBPS, SSC-CGLE etc.

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