Sports & Fitness

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Our students have the chance to use our world-class sporting and fitness facilities, as well as join our social teams and sports clubs. We also have a wide range of sporting events and competitions you can get involved in as a student, whether you're looking to compete for fun or represent the university.

If you are a sports person and always wanted to pursue it as a serious career option then Quantum is the place for you. Sports have also been included as one of the passion programs at Quantum. You would be required to enlist this and choose a sport. You shall regularly receive guided instructions in that sport and shall be expected to complete Non CGPA credits in it. At the end of the program you would be expected to showcase yourself talent in the same.

Sports Facilities:
Lawn Tennis
Basket Ball
Volley Ball
Fitness Centre

Sports Events:

Qualympics : This competitive event is specially designed for students living on campus. The hostel students are divided into various houses and they compete against each other in various sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis to make sure that they earn maximum points for their houses to de declared the winner.

Udaan: This inter-collegiate event takes place once a year and teams from various colleges take part in this with full enthusiasm and vigor. Quantum is represented by the University team comprising of the best students for that sport to bring home the Championship Cup.