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B.Sc (Hons.) Physics

Physics is a fundamental science. Physics is a branch of science which studies motion, matter, heat and light. Physics makes extensive use of Mathematics to develop mathematical model to study physical reality. Physics has not only expanded the horizons of tradition of learning but also affected a technological revolution. Consequently physics has had an unimaginable impact on human society..

The BSC Honours in Physicsis slightly different with a focus on developing research skills. The programme in its approach as it emphasizes abstract theoretical concepts giving a taste of academic career. Students inquisitive towards fundamentals Physics and mathematics will find this course most useful. Advanced analytical ability would serve to succeed well in this course. It inculcates a number of transferable skills highly sought by employers.


Physics is challenging intellectually and consequently imparts other skills including numeracy, creativity, imagination, logical thinking, problem solving, research capability and technical communicate. The course develops skills to succeed in research and academic environment. A B.Sc Physics degree provides opportunity to pursue an academic career. Students can pursue a Phd and similar degrees.

The BSC degree exposes students to a number of topics such as Newtonian Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Wave phenomena, Optics, Condensed matter, Relativistic Physics, Quantum physics, Solid State Physics and Nuclear physics.

The curriculum also delivers a healthy dose of the mathematical topics. These include advanced calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, Complex Analysis, statistical techniques, numerical methods and computing.

Experimental modules to be executed in the laboratory support the program. Experimental work emphasizes the practical aspects and applications of the theoretical concepts.


Graduates with the BSc Physics degree attract high pay jobs across a spectrum of employment. As such graduates are highly valued assets across high profile sectors which include electronics, aerospace, energy, engineering, astronomy and research.

As such a number of profiles are open to BSc physics students. The entry level jobs include Teacher, Lab Technician, Analytical Chemist, Production Supervisor, Biomedical Chemist and Technical Writer.

Profiles oriented more towards the core subjects of study include Demographer, Statistician, Programmer, Data Analyst, Systems Analyst, Design Engineer and Research analyst.

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