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B.Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics)

A balanced and healthy diet is the basis of good health. Food becomes more important when allied with needs of children, old and the sick. Nutrition is the field that studies the interplay of food components and the health indicators such as metabolism and immunity. Nutrition has emerged as an essential aspect of the modern health sciences. As such it encompasses a spectrum of activity. This includes dietary modifications and supervision in hospitals and schools. Moreover it involves working closely with doctors and healthcare professionals to monitor, assess and improve patient nutrition.

Due to globalization and rapid urbanization there has been a massive shift in the eating habits of people. Moreover lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity are on the rise. Consequently there has been a growing orientation in society towards nutritional awareness. Therefore nutrition is a field that will grow owing to the needs of a rising health conscious society.

The prospective student should have an analytical mind. An aptitude for science helps understanding various aspects of the health-biological issues.


The subject aims to maximize the impact of food habits. As such it also involves suggesting corrective measures. It also considers different aspects like age, health condition and food taste. The main focus of the course is on subjects that include Human Physiology, Food Processing, Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Quality, Food Analysis and Biotechnology.

The course aims to inculcate in the student an understanding of varied aspects of nutrition. This includes focusing on disease management. The course will expose students to research on food and health. The studies inculcate communication skills student to understand individuals and groups and convey the ideas of healthy nutrition to clients. The curricula develop a knowhow of food processing, food psychology, food choice and digestion. Ultimately the learners will be able to deliver effective counseling on nutritional and health.


Diverse opportunities are available for B.Sc graduate to work with the Government. They can work for Government Healthcare sector and Government organizations related to healthcare. They also become eligible to do research in government research labs, Schemes (like ICDS, NHRM etc.) and Nutrition Education Institutes.

Nutritionists can launch their career with a number of ways which includes R&D, hospitals, health centers, clinics, NGOs. New avenues of employment have arisen due to growth of hotels, catering businesses and restaurants.

After acquiring the relevant experience independent work can be sought. Entrepreneurship skills and financial backing can open opportunity for entrepreneurial ventures. They can become counselors to help patients choose the best diet plans. The B.Sc graduate can work in a number of profiles such as nutritionist, dietitian, food scientist or food service manager.

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