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Dining is such an important part of college life. In addition to keeping the students healthy and fit, mess and caferatia are great places where they gather and connect with peers and teachers. At Quantum we try to makes the dining experience the very best, each day, in every meal. Food at Quantum is taking seriously. Students are offered the finest of nutritious food in a very relaxed atmosphere. The quality, selection and ease of Qauntum's dining services are among the best college.

Mess: At Quantum Global Campus, there is always something delicious to suit every student's taste. The best part about the mess at Quantum is that the students decide the menu. A student committee along with faculty members decides on the menu for every 15 days. And the menu is changed fortnight. All in all a home away from home.

The Q-Café: While the mess provides with great food, students also love to hang out at the affordably priced cafeteria that houses healthful and yummy snacks for food cravings breaks or for those memorable celebrations after winning a cricket match!

The cafeteria is open every day and offers a variety of drinks and snacks between scheduled meals. So be it study breaks or staying back on campus during winters, Quantum's amazing mess and canteen ensure that the students NEVER GO HUNGRY!