School of Agricultural Studies

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Agriculture has been preeminent to human civilization. The rising populations the world over have brought Agricultural practices into renewed focus. In the Indian context agriculture holds the place of utmost importance. It is not just a source of food but also the mainstay of employment. Quantum University recognizes the importance of this venerated activity. The school of agriculture has been instituted to study this traditional field with scientific methods.

School of Agricultural Studies offers a number of graduate and masters level programs to explore the field of Agriculture and allied sciences. These courses have a heavy focus on lab work and hands-on training. The major part study in these courses involves biological science. These programs often include and focus on original research. The Agriculture school prepares students to work in a range of careers, which includes farming, ranching, horticulture management, Fertilizer Manufacturing, Agriculture Machinery and Food processing. It also makes the learners eligible for entrepreneurship and independent consultancy. Agriculture is a field with rich possibilities for research and academic work.

This field supports a number of job profiles such as Agriculture Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Production Manager, Agriculture Loan Officer (in Banks), Farm Manager and Research Officer.

Quantum School of Agricultural Studies offers the learners all the advantages of interdisciplinary learning. This is a revolutionary way of education which enables learners to gain knowledge in line with personal preference and future goals. The system works via the credit system. The major and minor degrees allow a student to vary the focus of studies to multiple subjects to suit their orientations and abilities..

The Quantum Agri Students possess the following skills :

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by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon'ble Union Minister of HRD, Feb 2017.

Sh Vishwanath Anand confers the Education Excellence Award for Best Private Engineering College in North India for Academics in Mumbai

Awarded Quantum School of Technology as the Best Engineering College Promoting Innovation in North India

Awards Quantum as the Most Promising Engineering College of North India