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M.A. - English

The MA programme aims at providing an in-depth exploration into the vast swathes of English Literature. From ancient Greek and Latin roots to translations and contemporary trends in literature, this course studies the vibrant genres of literature. This in turn would unravel the philosophical, cultural and historical factors that shaped literature. Similarly the stylistic shifts introduced by dominant figures in different periods would be explored providing a glimpse in the cultural perspectives.

The extensive exposure to English literature reveals the nuances of language. It enhances the comprehensive skills of the learner. This encourages students to convey ideas to a range of audiences. Ultimately the solid base in the language instills a readiness for different careers.

This degree imparts key skills needed to succeed in the workplace which include critical thinking, research, analysis, cultural awareness, relationship-building, problem solving, working independently and using initiative. The curriculum promotes intellectual development and behavioral skill empowering the individual to tackle personal and professional matters.


A MA English degree opens vistas of opportunity. People interested in teaching may pursue a B. Ed to consider jobs in schools as PGT/ TGT English. Further specialization concerning the teaching profile is achieved via the CTET/TET exams.

The focus of the MA program is to inculcate knowledge of literary concepts and trends of literatures originating in Britian, India, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa. This would expose the students to literary themes such as romanticism, feminism, colonialism, and structuralism. This emphasizes the literary, linguistic, and social context of a particular literature. The course encourages understanding the principles, techniques practices, issues and boundaries of their discipline.

There will be an emphasis on critical studies which hones the ability to critique and discover new methods of learning. This improves an understanding of research tools and methodology. Consequently the student acquires confidence for independent research, creativity and problem solving. Such learning instills a passion for knowledge.The program molds the learner into a proficient user of the information which inspires creative thinking enabling the aesthetic understanding of life, art and diversity of Indian and world society.


The quickest job opportunity after a MA degree lies in teaching where there are perennial job openings for teachers in schools and colleges.

MA English graduates can gain entry in Government organizations including administrative services, police, diplomatic services, or revenue service via Civil Service and state level exams. There are ample opportunities in the advertising, publishing, BPO, and KPO industry for profiles of editor, copy editor, proof reader, content writer and content developer.

The newly emerging field of soft-skills and human resources training opens numerous opportunities for such graduates. The growth of media, newspapers, magazines, marketing and business sectors have given a boost to the demand of free lancing writer and reporters. Most importantly MA English is the best training a creatively inclined person can get to propel a career in literary success.

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