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The School of Health Sciences has been set up with the vision to expand educational vista in the domain of medicine, paramedical, nursing and allied fields. The School wants to develop competency-based curricula in different divisions of Health Sciences to facilitate the dissemination in the public the relevant health related knowledge. Ultimately this would foster a culture of research to further alleviate the general disease related afflictions. The school will deliver the professionals of the next generation who can tackle the challenges of this growing sector on a national, international and local stage.

The curricula have been designed with Innovative vision supported by a vibrant pedagogy and state of the art infrastructure. The students will gain hands-on practical skills so that they can effectively perform the necessary clinical practices. The cutting edge laboratories will be used to train learners into the use of the most advanced tools in diagnostic and testing and specialized treatment equipment. The highlight of the programs is that the curricula aim to develop a holistic vision of healthcare. Hence student will be taught to care for the physical, mental and spiritual health of the individual.

Our graduates can seek employment in hospitals, health centers, rehabilitation centers, polyclinics, industry, training institutes in India and overseas. The individual can pursue independent work via entrepreneurial setups or consultancy. Research studies and academic work is also possible with suitable training.

School of Health Sciences at Quantum University will deliver education on the methodology of interdisciplinary education. Interdisciplinary learning is a revolutionary idea which tries to infuse different perspectives of learning in one single learning goal. This style of learning betters the critical and problem solving ability. The system accommodates multiple specializations via major and minor degrees.

The Quantum Health Sciences Students possess the following skills :

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Quantum School of Technology awarded

"Best Institute for
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by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon'ble Union Minister of HRD, Feb 2017.

Sh Vishwanath Anand confers the Education Excellence Award for Best Private Engineering College in North India for Academics in Mumbai

Awarded Quantum School of Technology as the Best Engineering College Promoting Innovation in North India

Awards Quantum as the Most Promising Engineering College of North India