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BBA+MBA (Family Business Management)

This 5 year integrated BBA and MBA Program with a specialization in Family Business Management has been instituted to prepare individuals who want to sustain, grow and scale their family owned businesses. It must be realized that family businesses are grounded in family traditions and culture beliefs. The cultural background to each Family Business is peculiar creating unique issues and challenges. Clearly a run of the mill program would fail to capture the essence of these businesses.

The program has multiple objectives. It aims to assist such businesses in grasping the dynamics organization and competition led by privatization, liberalization and globalization. The program enables a grasp of a range of family interfaces and family cycle changes that bear on the issues of management and ownership. The program delves in concepts of business sustainability, entrepreneurship, market trends and business growth.


The highlight of the program is the specially designed modules, which allow a student to grasp the crux of managerial challenges of their own family businesses. To this end the students will be encouraged to take internship with their own family business units. Periodically they would be given time to go and manage their family businesses, prepare reports on the same and discuss them in case study formats in the class rooms. Experienced faculty and industry mentoring would allow them to get new insight into managing the challenges. These internship programs would encourage the learners to juxtapose the current managerial practices and the family business conduct.

The curriculum is an innovative portfolio of the contemporary management concepts contextualized to cater family businesses. The courses aim at all-round development of entrepreneurial qualities to achieve portfolio expansion. The program enhances on Strategy Building, Critical Outlook, Integrative Thinking, Leadership Skills, Global Awareness and Ethical Responsibility.

After successfully completingthe programme the learners are expected to execute a number of tasks. These include successfully managing, diversifying and expanding family businesses. Moreover such learners would employ strategic planning, information mining and evaluating planned risk to execute their business vision.


This course is essentially designed to equip students with the new age managerial knowhow so that they can manage and diversify their family based businesses. These individuals also suit the skills to launch startups projects and pursue entrepreneurial visions. Apart from that the course is quite robust in its content to facilitate the student seeking job opportunities in high profile managerial positions or the role of a business consultant.

Quantum is proud to announce that it has been Awarded with the "Best Engineering College in North India for Academics" by the Big Brands Academy in a function in Mumbai. The award was presented by the Grand Master of Chess and former World Champion Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
In a very prestigious IMRB Ranking, Quantum has been ranked at the 2nd spot among the Engineering colleges of Uttarakhand.
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Quantum has been awarded the No. 1 Engineering College in North India promoting Innovation, by the Education Minister of Gujarat.

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