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B.A. (Hons.) English

The predominance of the English language in today’s world facilitates an entry into a number of fields. It is the preferred language of science, engineering, business and many fields of human activity. It helps us explore intricate ideas to expand our minds and grow.

The Bachelor of Arts or BA (Hons) in English is a 3 year graduate program. The BA course aims to open the doors of imagination and creativity. The program would best suit students with a passion for literature.


An honors degree in English opens a career in higher education and teaching. Interested students can opt for masters in related and allied subjects. A number of related fields which are conducive for an MA are English language, Spoken English, Creative Writing, Journalism, and Mass Communication.

Similarly a number of other fields suited for a master’s degree are law, Communication Studies, Sociology, Public Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Social Work, Human Resource and Business Management.

A person who is more job oriented can pursue a BEd and M.ED degree to be suitably trained as school teachers.

The focus of the program would be study literature in its widest spectrum. This includes the forms of literature introducing different genres in literature such as fiction, drama, poetry, and language. From Early Classical Literature to modern works all will be dealt with in equal depth. Literature in translation will tackle masterpieces from global literature from Greek tragedies to American Literature. The course will examine the phenomenon of the “novel” in detail plotting the progress through modernism, post-modernism, realism, and magical realism.

Indian English Literature will be studied intensively as different topics as Indian vernacular literature, Indian Literature in Translation and Postcolonial Literature. Ample attention will be given to the central theme of Critical Theory. This will examine aspect of Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Deconstruction, and New Historicism.


Scores of domains welcome an English graduate. The now established BPO industry is in perennial need of graduates with a good command of the English language. This sector is still growing and a prime source of employment. There is a huge demand of English experts in KPO industry.

Graduates with a flair for creative writing are employable in advertising, and films. Similarly people good at translation can be employed in publishing houses. The fields of Teaching and Research also suit BA English graduate. A good knowledge of English knowledge is also desired in the tourism industry.

The strengthening of the electronic media has opened a number job profiles for English language graduates such as journalist, copy-writer, scriptwriter, news reader, TV announcer, and anchor. Some of the traditional job profiles include content writer, technical writer, editor, proof-reader, public relations officers, and corporate communications executive.

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