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B.Tech + MBA (Integrated)

The 5 year integrated degree program of BTECH and MBA combines two challenging specialized disciplines in one curriculum. The course has been designed to negotiate the challenges of globalization. It will prepare managers for industry and business who can bring the technical perspectives to optimize managerial decision making.

Organizations actively seek engineers who possess managerial ability, financial acumen, marketing skills and knowledge of corporate restructuring, budget policy and management policy. An exposure to management practices gives engineers a taste for efficient and effective business skills. Consequently this unique combination education prepares graduates for sustained professional career growth. The integrated degree is an actively sought specialization across industry and business sectors.

The greatest advantage it offers is that it saves individual time, effort and energy. A dual degree is a specialized course curriculum and hence demands a focused effort. The curriculum also needs concerted planning and co-ordination. Overall the individual must display a knack for multidisciplinary study. The student must have a high morale to be motivated while balancing the two demanding fields.


A BTECH and MBA dual degree prepares the individual for top notch managerial posts in industry. However one can pursue a path of academics and research by completing a Phd degree. The degree is structured so that the student does not have to manage a course material of two different subjects so that the work load is comparable to normal courses.

The curricula focus on developing knowledge, skills and expertise in engineering in a business and corporate context. The purpose of the course content is on creating a relevant and dynamic connection between industry and academia. This facilitates employability and automatic creation of an industry ready workforce. The combination of technical and managerial expertise prepares next generation managers who can keep up with the changing trends in the engineering sector.

The engineering perspective is provided by topics chosen from specific disciplines e.g. Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Software and Aeronautical.

The management perspective will be strengthened via an exposure to General Management, Marketing, Finance, Research Methodology, Human Resources, International Business, Production and Operations and Information Technology.


A professional with an Engineering and Management integrated degree has the potential to shine across industry. Such graduates are usually suited to profiles that require the management of technical projects that run on a large scale or that requires coordination of a number of fields of knowledge. Such opportunities abound in infrastructure, space exploration, product development, industrial design, automation, software, and research projects.

Some common job profiles are program managers, product managers, project manager, supervisor, consultant and senior associates.

Quantum is proud to announce that it has been Awarded with the "Best Engineering College in North India for Academics" by the Big Brands Academy in a function in Mumbai. The award was presented by the Grand Master of Chess and former World Champion Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
In a very prestigious IMRB Ranking, Quantum has been ranked at the 2nd spot among the Engineering colleges of Uttarakhand.
Career360 magazine has recognized Quantum amongst the top Engineering colleges in India.
Quantum has been awarded the No. 1 Engineering College in North India promoting Innovation, by the Education Minister of Gujarat.

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