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Pharmacy is a study of different techniques of preparing medicines and drugs. The science provides an understanding of drug use so as to optimize the wellbeing of the patients. Hence Pharmacy links chemistry with health science. The experts in this domain are called Pharmacists.

A Pharmacist is integral to any hospital, health clinic or any institute related to health. Drug companies are growing at a fast pace in India. Allied sectors of medical transcription and pharma-vigilance are on the boom. Such avenues in the health sector offer great growth opportunity for pharmacists.

Students with a passion for biology and chemistry are best suited to be pharmacists. They must have solid memory and analytical skills. Good command of English language and communications skills will prove greatly useful in the study of Pharmacy.


The students will be exposed to a number of subjects that deal with chemical methods of medicinal preparation. The core subjects include Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacokinetics. Some important subjects are Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

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The D. Pharm program develops the student knowledge of different properties of substances on Human Physiology. This builds an intimate understanding of pharmacokinetics in drug development. Consequently the learner can formulate various drug dosages and differentiate and discuss various pharmacopoeias.

The candidate will acquire an understanding of the international drug standards and nomenclature so as to appreciate modern research in the pharmaceutical science and allied sciences. Ultimately the student would translate theoretical knowledge into problem solving skills in professional work. The learners will appreciate ethical and legal principles related to environment, society and culture in the perspective of drug manufacture.


Students with a Diploma in Pharmacy can find employment in a number of Government Departments. Such posts are associated with Government hospitals, institutes and research bodies.

In the private sector diploma holders can work as Industrial pharmacist who works in Manufacturing, Quality Control and Packaging of drugs. Another profile belongs to the Community Pharmacist who dispenses Medicines at hospital or counsels patients. Sales and Distribution is another area where such students help doctors and facilitate bulk distribution of drugs. As Academic Pharmacist there is opportunity to train pharmacy students.

Independent work with a pharmacy background begins after at least a master’s degree with specialization. This would help in acquiring a license to practice as an independent pharmacist. After acquiring the requisite qualifications and licenses independent entrepreneurial ventures in drug manufacture can be started. The prominent job profiles that are readily available with this degree are Drug Coordinator, Pathology Technician, R&D Officer and Drug Inspector.

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