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M.A. - Economics

Economics is essential to the growth of a nation. It is the economic policy, which determines the assets of a country. Thus economics has emerged as the preeminent field of knowledge in the modern era.

The Master of Arts in Economics is specially designed to improve the student understanding of economic theory and its applications.

The focus of this Program is on developing an in depth understanding of economic analytics facilitating decision making in the global economic perspective. It prepares the students into experts and professionals who can tackle practical economic challenges. The emphasis is on logical reasoning, critical thinking and data analysis. The program provides a solid learning platform to careers in industry, administration, education and numerous organizations.


M.A Economics offers great prospects for higher studies. The most natural choice is to enrol in PhD or MPhil programs in Economics. Students desirous of a research or teaching career in Government institutes must take the UGC NET.

The M.A. program is a highly rigorous and technical course tailored not only to fulfill professional goals but also to empower the individual in advanced research in applied Economics. To this end focus will lie on applied Econometrics. They would be exposed to sophisticated tools used to test economic models.

The learner would be able to fully appreciate the issues in national and international economy. They would learn about the critical appraisal of socio-economic problems. Consumer Theory, Factor Market, Equilibrium and Production Theory deal with the field of microeconomics. Similarly Macroeconomics deals with topics such as Investment Behavior, Fiscal policy and the Neoclassical-Keynesian Synthesis.


Globalization and economic liberalization have opened up a host of careers depending on Economics. A great demand exists for researchers, strategists, analysts, and consultants who understand economic trends. These are employable in a number of fields ranging from Banking, industry, commerce, trade, taxation, insurance, and finance.

In the public domain Indian Economic Service offers high profile bureaucratic jobs. The state and central Government conduct regular examinations to hire for organization such as Planning Commission, Reserve Bank of India, National Sample Survey, and Ministry of Economic Affairs. Economics opens avenues for employment in international institutions such as International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Private sector is almost bursting with jobs for people with specialization in economics. Such job profiles include analysts, managers, executives, researchers, and economic consultants. They usually deal with inflation, investments, and productivity.

With the explosion of electronic media Economics journalism has gained prominence. This has created avenues for freelancing as policy critics, economic analysts, and reviewers. This is a good profile for Financial Economists, Macroeconomists and Industrial Economists.

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