School of Media Studies and Design

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School of Media Studies and Design is an effort to empower students to engage with their creative energy in the design space. Media studies are a challenging field which greatly dictates the thinking and perception of society. They are not just responsible for the dissemination of information but also impacts public opinion, political agendas, societal reforms and economic scenario. A democratic society can only stand on the shoulders of a healthy media.

In the present information age all data and information has to be verifiable and presentable. In other words it has to be designed well. The design may involve different formats but aesthetics is the supreme element. The field of design deals with presenting content in a lucid and intuitive manner. The entire effort must be in sync with the evolving media industry on a global front.

The students exposes to media theory media technology and media business. The course curricula provides a vibrant mix of technical tools and pedagogy to practice the techniques of Public Interaction, Creative Art, Media Analytics, AV multimedia design, digital media, interaction processes, 3D, virtual reality, animation, virtual studio and multimedia creation.  Our programs prepare students to advance in almost any career direction in media and design. Ultimately the creative sensibility of the students is enhanced to a level where they can pursue independent work and research based studies.

The pedagogy involves a mix of lectures, self-study, workshops and project work. Quantum School of Media Studies and Design inculcates many novel features in the pedagogy and curricula. The courses will be offered in tune with interdisciplinary learning to foster a multifaceted learning strategy. Students achieve greater flexibility in learning via the major and minor programs.

The Media Studies and Design Students possess the following skills :

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