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Welcome aboard. Get ready for some real business experience with Quantum School of Business, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, one of the best MBA Colleges in Dehradun region. The institute is a very vibrant and fantastic setting to immerse oneself in academic as well as practical domains of the business world. Quantum School of Business has consistently been ranked the No 1 MBA College in Dehradun,Roorkee and Uttarakhand Moreover, our unique interdisciplinary pedagogy allows you to follow your passion in photography, music, dance, theater and much more along with your MBA leadership program.

Being one of the most preferred B-Schools in North India (IMRB International, The Week, Careers 360) and Dehradun , we are known for a fresh and innovative approach to business studies as also for a strong industry interface. Quantum is considered as the top B-school of India and Dehradun. Your employability being our top priority, the MBA program at Quantum School of Business,Top MBA College in Dehradun, ensures a substantial simulation of the real business environment and project based learning. You shall emerge as a very confident, highly skilled professional ready for the corporate world or to become an entrepreneur and follow your dreams."

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The Quantum MBA will enable you to:

Gain a thorough understanding of the global economic, environmental and social challenges that are redefining business and the role of the professional manager

Learn how emerging and innovative businesses, new economic models and new enabling technologies impact on business strategies, and how professional managers can exploit them to drive innovation and profitable growth

Enjoy an outstanding business and management education in a dedicated, highly supportive facility, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment

Acquire practical professional skills that will help you grow and build businesses, anything from start-ups to long-established organisations

Transform your future. Explore new directions, learn and develop your own potential, and become the leader and the person that you truly want to be.

The Quantum MBA :
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Quantum School of Business has been ranked the No 1 B-School of Uttarakhand and No. 29 of North India by the prestigious THE WEEK magazine
In a very prestigious IMRB ranking recently, Quantum School of Business has been adjudged No. 1 B-School in Uttarakhand
Quantum School of Business is ranked at No.65 among the best B-School in India for teaching quality, learning and placements among others, the only college to get a rank from Uttarakhand
Dewang Mehta National Education Awards, Mumbai have recognized Quantum School of Business as "Business School that Encourages Leadership as a Part of the Curriculum"

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