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B.Sc - Animation & VFX

Animation is the basic technique to create the illusion of motion out of simple images. VFX is an abbreviation for visual effects is a much wider term. VFX involves execute live realistic imagery or environments which would be impractical or impossible to achieve with film.

Artistically inclined and creative Students are most suited for the course. A vivid imagination, drawing skills and modeling capability would prove helpful in getting the most out of the course. An Eye for detail, observational skills, Patience and Concentration and team work are other helpful qualities.


The course offers in depth understanding of Animation and VFX. A number of its essentials are Illustration, Modeling, Photography, Cinematography, Motion Graphics, 3D Art, Rotoscopy and Stereoscopy. The Pedagogical structure of the course is built around – theory, practical work, seminars, filed work, projects etc.

The course inculcates the basic tenets of visualization as applied to design and art. The student will learn the fine points of storyboarding, lighting, modeling and texturing. The curriculum enables students to use cutting edge software such as Sound Forge, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk, Flash, Maya and Final Cut Pro.


Animation and VFX is the staple of modern day entertainment and media experience ubiquitous in films, television, video games and the Internet. The growing dependence on computer technology promises a very bright future. Reports indicate that the animation market is valued at approximately US $247 million in India. Its estimated yearly growth is 15-20%. The scope of the craft is almost endless in the West.

The growth in the use of VFX in television programs opens for employment the areas of public broadcasting. The private sector is the main provider of relevant jobs. This is an enormous area. Such graduates can be employed in Film Company, animation studios, advertising and media, web development, e commerce, and games development.

Learners who have reached a high level of expertise have ample opportunity for setting up entrepreneurial ventures. They may set up their own studios or work as freelancers. A number of sectors are a source of employment for animation graduates and include Film Production Houses, Advertising Agencies, Game Developers, Animation Studios, Web Development Firms, E Commerce Business and other Web Platforms.

A B.Sc in Animation and VFX provides opportunity to handle a number of profiles. They can work in as Director, Script writer, Editor, Production Designer, Sound Designer and Interface Designer in diversified roles. At the entry they work as illustrator, animator, layout artist, modeler, storyboard artist and digital painter.

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