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MBA E-Commerce

The MBA specialization has been instituted to cater to the growing business opportunities in e-entrepreneurship and online businesses. With around 120 million registered websites in cyberspace e-commerce is a big promise for future managers. The spurt in mobile technologies has transformed this market into a gold mine. With the internet making inroads in the developing countries and more business services going online e-commerce is the buzzword.

A MBA in e-commerce expose the students to core business topics like Data Analytics, Managing Technology and strategic management and extra-specialized study for ecommerce which forecasting technology. The MBA e-commerce program provides extensive pedagogy in Marketing Research, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Supply Chain Management, Electronic Commerce Strategy and Strategic management.


An MBA e-commerce specialization opens avenues to work in managerial positions with online businesses. The graduates may opt for entrepreneurial forays into online startups. After gaining extensive work experience an e-commerce specialization allows promotion in senior management profiles of Executive manager, Commercial manager and Project manager.


An MBA in Supply Chain and Operations Management is a specialized program with a focus on logistics functions, supply chain design, network planning, logistics processes and supply chain systems. The modern industrial and corporate world depends for its smooth function on robust logistics and a vibrant supply chain. Therefore the course is designed to prepare the students for import-export operations, International logistics, Supply chain systems and optimization of transport cargos and handling of all the operations. There is a specific focus to empower entrepreneurship capability to work as independent logistics and supply chain vendors.

This MBA specialization prepares the student understanding with experiential learning in Packaging Logistics, Simulation of Supply Chains, Operations Modeling, Cross-Functional Process Integration and Cargo Handling, Custom Procedures, Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and International Law among others. In addition, students will be exposed to various facilities of L&SCM for hands-on training.

The student is exposed to some of the core subjects of the specialization including transportation management, strategic sourcing, lean supply chain, warehousing, supply chain network design, performance-based logistics, demand management and constraints management.


The course prepares students to take-up responsible posts in managerial capacity across retail, manufacturing, e-commerce and export-import sectors. The managers can find suitable employment in senior management, Warehousing, Packaging, Logistics information systems, Inventory-material Control, Transportation, Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, import and export and Customer Service . The commonest job profiles are logistics managers and system designers

MBA Finance

An MBA with a finance  specialization prepares students for senior and managerial profiles in financial sector. The course lays a focus on communications, organizational behavior and business leadership. Students planning to enter this course are expected to display skills in economics, mathematics and financial theory. Good communication skills and managerial aptitude along with work experience are other desirable assets.

The finance MBA course provides a balance between mathematics and management practice. Subjects such as corporate investment management, Portfolio management, Hedge fund management, and business and corporate finance typically constitute the course. Other important topics include global finance, volatility, valuation, fixed income securities, macroeconomics and international markets.


The finance MBA gives direct entry into financial management which may vary from one business to another. However the core financial management tasks concern corporate finance, investment banking, asset management, personal finance, sales and trading and insurance. A number of profiles that suit this specialization are financial advisor, financial analyst, financial planners, finance officers and investment bankers. Apart from these an MBA finance can indulge in entrepreneurial activity.


An MBA in Marketing offers special education in promotion management, consumer behavior, brand management and selling strategies. Along the traditional MBA coursework which emphasizes advanced business strategy, human resources, corporate management and finance. A marketing specialization inculcates an array o

f skills that are useful in a number of business positions across corporates.

Students who hope to join this program must have strong communication and interpersonal skills, convincing style, leadership, analytical ability, creative thinking and a taste for team work.

The MBA marketing specialization explores a number of subjects: Marketing management, Marketing channels strategies, Operations management, Consumer and brand insight strategy, Forecasting, modeling, marketing strategy, Forecasting, Modeling, branding, Sales force management and International marketing.


MBA marketing graduates can pursue marketing roles in a number of organizations. The entry level jobs include Market Research Analyst, business marketing representatives, development officer and sales executives. With the relevant experience the professionals can graduate to the profiles of Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Corporate Sales Manager and Digital Marketing Manager.

MBA International Business

An MBA in International Business deals with conducting and planning business on an international level. The International Business course teaches students about the varied aspects of international business such as documentation, export and import, foreign trade practices, foreign exchange, foreign capital and international market. The course typically covers marketing, finance and human resource with an international focus. Thus it prepares learners for a global trade, management or general business career.

Aspirants of this course specialization should have a global outlook towards trade, a flair for international travel, openness to other cultures, adaptability and strong communication skills. The knowledge of foreign languages is a great advantage.

The core body of knowledge that this specialization deals with are Export and Import Management, International Marketing, Foreign Exchange Management, International Finance and International Logistics.


A Master of Business Administration in International Business can lead to careers like management analyst, administrative service manager and chief executive officer. These MBA graduates specialize in business dealings with companies overseas.

In addition to working within global companies that compete on international markets, graduates of international business MBA programs can also find careers in management, finance and in consulting.

MBA in Human Resource Management

An MBA with human resource management (HRM) is a premier specialization, which trains future managers in hiring employees and then helping them develop their skills to the maximum benefit of the organization. The HRM also teaches workforce regulation, performance assessment, compensation strategy, motivational tasks, safety, health and welfare assessment.

This program trains students with advanced assignments, presentations, reports, group projects and internships. Coursework involves typical business concepts and the rigors of business strategy, benefits analysis, business coaching, compensation management and corporate headhunting.


An MBA HR allows a graduate to work in industries, educational institutes, corporate and MNC’s. Human resource managers execute a number of tasks which range from hiring to motivational policy. This specialization enables a graduate to work in a number of job profiles such as HR Generalist, Technical Recruiter, Employee Relations Manager, Employment Manager, Compensation Manager and Staffing Director.

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