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  • M.TECH - Computer Science and Engineering
  • M.Tech - INFORMATION SECURITY and CYBER FORENSICS in Collaboration with QuickHeal

M.TECH - Computer Science and Engineering

The Master’s program in Computer Science and Engineering aims to equip graduates with the knowhow that would enable them to execute research work or take up responsible research oriented jobs in industry and academia.

The program inculcates conceptual understanding and technical ability to empower research activity in Computer Science and Engineering. The course is structured around some core courses. The student is allowed to choose electives suitable to interests and personal goals.

The curriculum is aimed to foster research outlook in real life problems. To this end ample exposure is provided via case studies, industry visit and interaction with industry experts.

Some of the core subjects encountered are Mathematical foundations, Algorithms, Data structures, Advanced Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Compiler Design, Advanced Operating System, and Modeling and Simulation.

Some of the electives are Theory of computation, Embedded Systems, Digital Imaging, Mobile computing, Distributed Computing, Multimedia Systems, Data Mining, Software Project Management, XML and Web services, Wireless sensors Networks Pattern recognition and Grid computing.

M.Tech - INFORMATION SECURITY and CYBER FORENSICS in Collaboration with QuickHeal

Internet and allied technologies have been under constant threat from cyber war, espionage, snooping, malware, Trojan and virus attack which aim to sabotage the computer security and steal information and data. The increasing use of androids, mobile banking and e-commerce has made information sources more vulnerable. The discipline of information security aims to identify threats to information resources and subsequently asses, design and implement solutions to strengthen security. The knowledge of cyber forensics is essential to cyber security implementation. Cyber forensics, a subfield of digital forensics, refers to techniques used in extract digital evidence from cyber resources for pinpointing a cybercrime or in legal prosecution.

The MTECH in information security and cyber forensics aims to develop professional technocrats who can expertly identify security problems and design appropriate solutions along facilitating legal forensics. They shall have the capability to execute research and teaching tasks in cryptology.

This program highlighting theoretical as well as practical aspects like analytical methods, academic ideas, legal policy, industry practices and management to an effective implementation in Enterprise Wide Security, Data Center Security, Language-Based Security and Hardware and Embedded Systems Security.


The MTECH course in Digital Communication has been designed so that the students can deepen their knowledge of principles of digital electronics and its specific application domain of communications. The course emphasizes error control coding techniques which are essential for smooth work of modern communication systems. Consequently the students are intensively trained in the designing of error control encoders/decoders.

The course focuses on the concepts of digital electronics, modulation, equalization techniques, multiplexing, convolution coding, channel coding, and spread spectrum communication communications. Mat lab techniques are emphasized throughout the course.

The course also allows the students to extend their employability via elective courses. The electives include subjects like Wireless & Mobile Network, CMOS Design, VSLI design and Real Time Operating Systems. The course has a heavy emphasis on practical lab based work, industry interaction and research work.


Structural Engineering is a discipline which studies advanced concepts of mechanics of structures. Generally the domain of structural engineering concerns developing mathematical models, outlining schematics, drawing specifications, calculations and supervision of new projects.

The MTECH program is a blends strong theoretical foundations with practical learning through extensive analytical, computational and execution. The course not only develops industry relevant skills along core competence for academic and research tasks. The course will impart the students a firm grounding in cutting edge design and execution strategies for a spectrum of infrastructure needs.

Structural Dynamics, Theory of elasticity and plasticity, Concrete structures, Soil Structure Interaction, Steel structures, Disaster resistant structures, Aseismic Design, Industrial structures, Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Structural Analysis, Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis and Matrix Computer Methods.


Thermal engineering explores advanced applications of the science of thermodynamics. Thermal engineering It studies heating and cooling processes, heat transfer in linear, nonlinear, steady state and transient modes, fluid flow, porous media, multiphase flows, open channel flow, fluid structure interactions etc.

Thermal Engineers concern themselves with design of efficient heat removal and cooling design in engineering systems. Such designs are achieved by ideal thermal and pressure load estimation and coupled field analysis. They are also entrusted with the design and maintenance of equipment like gas turbines, steam turbines, heat exchangers, pumps, propellers, compressors, rotor stator interactions, inlet manifolds, flow separators, turbo chargers, volutes and related accessories.

The field studies subjects such as Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermal Power, Energy Systems Design, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, I.C. Engines and Hydro- Thermal Turbomachines

The program aims to provide the engineer with cutting edge skills in numerical simulation, flow visualization, particle characterization, combustion diagnostics and thermal research. The course focuses on experimental and simulation techniques and their applications in the context of Thermal Engineering.

Quantum is proud to announce that it has been Awarded with the "Best Engineering College in North India for Academics" by the Big Brands Academy in a function in Mumbai. The award was presented by the Grand Master of Chess and former World Champion Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
In a very prestigious IMRB Ranking, Quantum has been ranked at the 2nd spot among the Engineering colleges of Uttarakhand.
Career360 magazine has recognized Quantum amongst the top Engineering colleges in India.
Quantum has been awarded the No. 1 Engineering College in North India promoting Innovation, by the Education Minister of Gujarat.

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