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PG Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition

Nutrition studies Nutrients or valuable food elements which are the essential for the sustenance, maintenance and of growth the human body. Since the food elements are the primary source of the nutrients human diet acquires central importance in human health. The absence of proper nutrition in diet is termed malnutrition. Malnutrition is known to seriously impair health and development of mental and physical attributes. Hence Nutrition also explores the link of diseases and health issues, food allergies and intolerances with Nutrients. Nutritionists usually work in a research setting involving scientific aspects of food science or biochemistry.

Dietetics is scientific study of the human diet in perspective of Nutrition. In modern healthcare diet has become important for the individual and community in equal measure. The changing food pattern and erratic food habits have enhanced the role of nutritionists and dieticians. They plan healthy diets and corrective diet therapy considering the health age and food habits of individuals. They are also entrusted with the responsibility to educate the general public about right diet for appropriate nutrition.


The society is becoming health conscious. The increased access to information has brought a level of awareness among the general population. This offers a great opportunity for the healthcare professionals specializing in dietetics and nutrition. Moreover they can play a pivotal role in managing food habits of the aging and the young.

Armed with a diploma a student can earn further specialization in fields like Paediatric Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, Sports Nutrition/Dietetics, Food Science/Technology, Renal Nutrition and Gerontic Nutrition. They can also pursue MPHIL and PHD studies to seek openings in research and academia.

The curriculum focuses on a number of core subjects such as Clinical Biochemistry Human Physiology, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Personal Management, Hospital Organization, Food Services Administration Clinical Nutrition, Dietetic Techniques, Pediatric and Geriatric Nutrition, and Patient Counselling


A PG Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition allow jobs in Public Health Center, Clinical Dietetics, Food Service Management, Fitness Center and many more. In the public sectorwork can be found with government community health programmes, hospitals, health department, factories, colleges, schools and departmental cafeterias.

The private sector offers a vast scope for employment.Work can be found with Gyms, sports hostels, athlete camps, Slimming Centers, Health clubs, canteens and nursing care. The field of catering in restaurants and star hotels is also a good source of jobs.

A number of opportunities exist in Teaching and Researchin research institutes, universities, hospitals and FMCG companies.

Mass Mediainstrumentssuch as health TV shows and internet portals on health sciences also offer good avenues of employment. A number of job profiles are available such as Private Consultant, Clinical Dietitians, Community Dietitians, Management Dietitians and Consultant Dietitians.

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