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B.Sc (Yoga)

Yoga is the ancient Indian way of healthy and holistic living. It is usually interpreted as a set of exercises. However it is more than that and is an art to preserve and extend the fitness of mind and body. The Asanas or physical exercises are integral to Yoga. Another important aspect of Yoga is the Pranayam or breathing exercises. Yoga also lays stress on meditation with a spectrum of styles and techniques.

There is a great career scope of yoga not just in India but also abroad. The future yoga professional needs some essential qualities to learn this art effectively. They should have determination and will power to practice physically demanding exercises. Good Communication is indispensable to understand problems and convey the solution. Interpersonal skills are needed to motivate students to practice the art.


On a professional level a number of domains exist to specialize in. These include Yoga programs especially designed for kids, couples senior citizens and Corporates. Other popular areas include Spiritual yoga and Pre-postnatal yoga.

The BSC Yoga curriculum consists of a number of subjects essential to grasp Yogic Philosophy. These include Sanskrit, Vedic Studies, Mantra Vigyan, Upanishadic thought and devotional music. Other advanced subjects deal with Patanjali Yogasutras, Hatha Yoga, Kriya, Pranayam, Philosophy, Yogic Physiology and Environmental Science. The BSC Yoga degree is geared to inculcate a number of skills in the student. After the successful completion of the program the student will be able to complete a number of tasks.

They would expertly analyze level of bodily and mental fitness of aspiring participants and accordingly chalk out the plans to fulfill their requirements. They would acquire the expertise to aptly perform and demonstrate all yoga exercises to participants.


Yoga has a vast and unexplored potential for employment. Depending upon the expertise one can work in gyms, resorts, schools, health centers, housing societies, corporates,yoga studios and special needs center. Yoga experts also offer their services to Television channels and dedicated websites on the internet.

Yoga experts can become entrepreneurs by operating Yoga Retreats, Yoga schools, private gym and workshops. Self-employment is another option achieved by offering expert advice to clientele of famous people and celebrities. A lucrative and traditional domain is to cater to foreign who visit India for tourism.

The new initiatives by the Indian Government to proliferate Yoga have opened many avenues for professionals of this field. As such they are now sought out in Yoga and Naturopathy institutions. The premier institute like Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy is also a suitable playground for such professionals.

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