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06 October 2017

Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp was organized on the campus of Quantum University. The event was organized at the behest of Pahal-a social welfare club of Quantum students, in association with the IMA Blood bank, Dehradun. Pahal has been conducting such activities in the past with much success in disseminating themes of public and social welfare.

Foremost among the donors were Prof Gulshan Chauhan, the institute director, who also furnished important advice to prospective donors. He revealed that blood donation conducted carelessly without medical supervision can compromise the donor health. He hoped that all future donors will participate only under strict medical supervision.

The drive was further strengthened by the participation by Prof Rohit Kushwaha, the Director of Quantum School of Business. He expressed great happiness at the success of the drive since it could prove critical in saving lives.

The event was a huge success with student and faculty members from various departments donating blood enthusiastically. The participants were felicitated with certificates.

The students were quite aware of the medical and scientific perspective of blood donation. Students informed that blood donation accelerates the formation of new blood cells thus reducing the occurrence of skin disease. Most students were aware of the fact that one must donate blood at least twice in a year.

The entire drive was conducted under the expert guidance of Dr Swati Singh and IMA medical team. They tested the donors for various parameters like hemoglobin count and blood pressure to ensure their physical fitness for donation.