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B.Tech (Hons.) in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security in Collaboration with Quick Heal

Internet technologies have seen an unprecedented growth in recent years. The focus on e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning and e-banking offers ease of access but also gives open hand to hackers and unscrupulous elements to target computer networks jeopardizing information and privacy. Such scenario have become common today in the age of industrial espionage and cyber snooping.

Cyber Security is an ensemble of practices, techniques and technological protocols aimed at the protection of computer systems from unauthorized access. Gaining illegal and unauthorized access into computer system is termed hacking. It is an internationally banned practice punishable by law. Such activity target software, hardware or information databases to steal information or disrupt or misdirect the services that depend on their successful operation.

Cyber security involves controlling access to the physical hardware, protection against harmful code injection via network access and data sharing. The security effort also involves dealing with threats such as Virus, Trojan and Malware infection.


This B.Tech Program has been developed in collaboration with Quick Heal Technologies an esteemed player in the field of computer security. The company has concerns in consumers software, server technology and cloud computing. The brand is famous for software such as quick Heal Total Security, Gadget Securance, Quick Heal Mobile Security, Fonetastic Pro etc.

Quick Heal, with a net worth of INR 200 MILLION, completed its IPO in 2016 and since has been listed on BSE and NSE stock exchanges. With offices in Kenya, Japan and Dubai the company has an international presence.

The QUICKHEAL association enriches the course with its vast experience and first hand expertise in the computer security. As such the curriculum bears the Quick Heal perspective. The course features unique modules of study prepared by the QUICKHEAL experts. The course is an exceptional mix of academic rigor and professional dynamism. This makes it upto date and relevant to industry needs. The curriculum will be regularly updated to imbibe the changing needs of academia and industry. The program in cyber security is meant to augment to add an edge to the regular computer expertise to prepare an industry ready workforce to tackle the tasks of a highly demanding field.


A Computer Science professional equipped with a certification in cyber security opens a world of opportunity in a high profile corporate and Government departments. Some of the popular job profiles in this field are network security administrator, network security engineer, web security auditor, application security tester, web security administrator, ethical hacker, security analyst and software developer.

Some advanced job profiles are chief information security officer, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Policy Analyst, Cyber Investigator, network security manager, Information Security Manager and data security Specialist.

A cyber specialist can launch entrepreneurial venture or become a consultant to business and other organizations.

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Quantum has been awarded the No. 1 Engineering College in North India promoting Innovation, by the Education Minister of Gujarat.

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