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B.Tech - Petroleum Engineering

BTECH in Petroleum Engineering is a modern engineering program that concerns itself with the commercial production of fossil fuels and allied products. Petroleum is a liquid found in natural formations beneath the earth crust.

Petroleum Engineering involves the design and development of efficient technology for extracting petroleum deposits. It is a diverse interplay of different disciplines as Engineering, Chemistry, Geology and Economics. Petroleum Engineers are in high demand the world over due to the importance of hydrocarbons fuels. Petroleum engineers are one of the best paid professionals. It may involve extensive travel around the world. They also enjoy attractive health insurance and retirement plans.


Petroleum Engineering is usually pursued with a dual approach. Upstream Engineering concentrates on the fundamental aspects of exploring and producing Petroleum. Downstream Engineering works on practical concerns such as design, cost and budget.

The three major aspects of Petroleum Engineering concern Reservoir, Drilling and Production. Reservoir Engineering works to estimate the viability of the reservoir as a source of petroleum deposits. Drilling Engineering concerns the extraction equipment, processes, cost and environmental factors. Production Engineering is involved in the various aspects of optimized production of petroleum products.


A BTECH in Petroleum engineering has access to a number of opportunities in the petroleum and allied sectors. In the public sector the main source of employment are the PSUs involved in exploration of oil and natural gas. These include giants as petrochemical giants as ONGC, HPCL, BPCL, GSPC, HOEC, GGCL and Oil India Limited.

In the private sector there are a number of national and international multinationals which are involved in the exploration of petrochemicals. A Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering entitles an aspirant to work in a number of profiles. Some of these job profiles are Completion Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Distribution Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Simulation Engineer, Refinery Manager, Industrial Engineer, Product Testing Engineer Exploration Engineer, Materials Scientists, Geoscientists and Chemists.

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