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B.Tech - Computer Science & Engineering

Owing its genesis to idea of mechanized thought computers have evolved powerfully. The core work lies in employing the abstract mathematical structures into the design of algorithms and programs. Such algorithms form the life blood of advanced computing. The applications of the theoretical aspects are implemented by different programming languages and relevant software.

The basic qualities a budding computer science aspirant must have are a taste for the abstract mathematics, deciphering patterns, logical thought process and innovative thinking. The aspirant must have a knack for exploring the various applications of theoretical aspects of mathematics and scientific principles.


It goes without saying that advances in computer science diversify in myriads of fields. The most exciting opportunities lie in the field of artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Others may delve into the Mathematics of computing and physics of semiconductor. A traditional divergence is in electrical engineering-the mother branch of computers. Recent advances have opened the fields of Philosophy to computers. Consequently computer science supports vision of a vibrant interdisciplinary research culture.

The program is aimed to inculcate a number of skills in the aspirant. It is designed to develop analytical skills and research capability. The entire content is organized to suit multidisciplinary studies and the dynamic filed of computers. The graduate will learn effective Communication, leadership and professional ethics. Ultimately the Graduates will master the fields of mathematics and engineering principles and apply them to analyze technical problems and thereby design and execute the relevant solutions in a competitive multidisciplinary dynamic industrial environment.

Some of the emerging fields are Data mining, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence, Image Processing and Machine Learning.


Computer Science is a very dynamic filed which is developing in new directions. New technologies are emerging with essential dependence on computer technologies. In such a scenario Computer Science graduates are always in high demand. The private sector is the prime source of employment in this field.

The Computer Science graduates can work in a number of profiles. Some of the popular job profiles include Software Engineer, Software Developer, Programmer, Software Developer, System Designer and Data Analyst.

Graduates from this field can also gain entry into various coveted profiles in the public sector. These include various specialist jobs in the Indian Armed Forces, Banking Industry, Administrative Jobs and teaching profiles. The entry to these profiles is through various prestigious state and all India level examinations which include IES, IAS, GATE, IBPS, SSC-CGLE etc.

Quantum is proud to announce that it has been Awarded with the "Best Engineering College in North India for Academics" by the Big Brands Academy in a function in Mumbai. The award was presented by the Grand Master of Chess and former World Champion Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
In a very prestigious IMRB Ranking, Quantum has been ranked at the 2nd spot among the Engineering colleges of Uttarakhand.
Career360 magazine has recognized Quantum amongst the top Engineering colleges in India.
Quantum has been awarded the No. 1 Engineering College in North India promoting Innovation, by the Education Minister of Gujarat.

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