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Diploma Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a discipline that studies application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The prime filed of work deals with electricity generation and transmission. With the passage of time Electrical engineering has diversified into the fields of electronics, telecommunications and computer engineering. Electrical Engineering has acquired center stage as it promises to deliver the next generation electric vehicle technology which promises multiple benefits.

The diploma aims to arm the students the basic understanding of electricity so that they can deal expertly work in electrical environment in industry. Emphasis is laid on foundation science courses and basics courses in Electrical & Electricity. The students also learn statistical power analysis to work in dedicated power engineering scenario. The students explore energy audit, energy quality and energy management.


After Diploma in Electrical Engineering a students can complete a bachelors in engineering. A bachelor’s degree opens avenues for specialized jobs and varied specializations. A specialization degree can allow such engineers the opportunity to diversify in computer science and Telecommunication.

The core subjects that Electrical Engineering explores include Electromagnetism, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Network Theory, Power Transmission, Electronics, Microprocessors, Signal processing, control systems and Instrumentation.

The Diploma program in Electrical Engineering curriculum consists of subjects like Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Electrical Machines, Power Generation, Electronics, Power Electronics, Wiring, Estimation and Costing, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Switchgear and Protection, Energy Conservation and Audit, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power and Electrical Instrumentation.

The diploma is a course with intensive lab work, practical hands on work experience and continued interaction with the industry.


Electricity and its applications are ubiquitous in almost all manufacturing and industrial installations. Diploma graduates are usually hired in sectors like power transmission, power audit, power monitoring, maintenance etc.

Diploma holders can get most opportunities in sector involving electrical appliances, machinery and components. Their maintenance vendoring and supply chain management is another avenue for employment. The power sector has is the prime recruiter of diploma graduates. Here they can be employed in Power generation and transmission. Construction sector is the big recruiter of diploma holders.

Public sector jobs include Central and State Government organizations like Electricity Boards, PWD, Indian Railways, Indian Armed Forces Municipal Corporations SAIL, BHEL, ONGC, DRDO and OIL.

Quantum is proud to announce that it has been Awarded with the "Best Engineering College in North India for Academics" by the Big Brands Academy in a function in Mumbai. The award was presented by the Grand Master of Chess and former World Champion Mr. Viswanathan Anand.
In a very prestigious IMRB Ranking, Quantum has been ranked at the 2nd spot among the Engineering colleges of Uttarakhand.
Career360 magazine has recognized Quantum amongst the top Engineering colleges in India.
Quantum has been awarded the No. 1 Engineering College in North India promoting Innovation, by the Education Minister of Gujarat.

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