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B.Sc (IT)

A course in Information Technology is often confounded with the study of Computer Science. The two are interdependent yet fundamentally different fields of study. Computer Science thrives on mathematics and software design while IT studies the practical aspects of Computer Science.

Information Technology is a wide term covering different kinds of technology used in creation, storage, exchange, processing, and securing of information in varied forms. As such these tasks entail management of software, programming, databases, networks, testing and system analysis.


IT sector is brimming with jobs be it computer hardware, software or networking. IT Industry has been spawning via IT parks and Startup culture. Digital India has promised new lease of life to IT professionals!

The private sector is the main source of such jobs. However the growing focus of the government on IT and digitization has allowed a IT professionals increased opportunity in the public sector also.

The ever increasing domain of Information Technology offers a great avenue to the proliferation of startups. A degree in BSC IT can empower a student to become an entrepreneur and reap great benefits.

An IT professional should have an eye for the new trends in technology. As such they must have a good knowledge in the use of operating systems and server software, including Linux, Apache, Open SSL, Windows Server, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.


BSC IT graduates are best recruited by IT Industry itself however the allied field of Telecom is a fast developing as a playground for IT professionals.

Since we are living in the age of information IT has direct or indirect influence over all aspects of life be it healthcare or transport! Hence there is no dearth of jobs for IT professionals. They can work in a number of profiles which include Database Manager, Database Security Professional, Software Developer, Software Tester, including information security, network architecture, database administration, systems administration and computer support.

However, some of these jobs require advanced computer science and programming knowledge, so graduates must enroll in specialized programs or take elective courses. For example, information security requires knowledge of discrete math and algorithms, and database administration requires knowledge of programming. Also, information security analysts usually have certifications, such as ISC or CISSP.

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