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B.Com (Hons.) Banking & Insurance

Banks are institutions dealing in the debit and credit of various financial instruments to maintain a smooth capital flow. Its most salient activity is to accept deposits from the general public to create credit. Moreover it indulges in different aspects of monetary activity such as lending, buying, investment, liquidity, inflation and fiscal policy. It is evident that banks channelize the bulk of business activity and hence determine the health of the economy.

Insurance sector is an allied activity of the banking sector. Insurance is an agreement which signifies a financial cover in case of unexpected scenario in human life as fire, accident, theft, natural calamity, etc. The legal statement of the agreement is termed the policy. In the modern globalized and liberalized economy insurance facilities are spreading to cover a number of start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures hence giving the sector a great boost.

A student seeking to specialize in Banking and Insurance must have a good command of the basics of Commerce, Economics, Law, Business Policy, Accounting and Finance. This field requires patience, flexibility keen sense of customer satisfaction and communication skills.


The course provides a deep understanding about the fundamentals of economics, commerce and financial accounting. Other focus areas are tools and techniques of accounting management, customer relationship management and importance of information technology in commerce and business.

This program provides a thorough knowhow of the structure, policies and functioning of diverse financial institutions and intermediaries. The student gets instruction in a number of disciplines along with general business skills, finance, economy, management, securities, stock market,Insurance and risk management.

At the end of the course the student will be acquire a number of skills. These skills include understanding, analysis and preparation of financial statements. Other such skills are pricing of financial and corporate assets. The course emphasizes cost and management accounting and its effects on the financial decision. The understanding of the regulatory requirements of banking sector is also deepened.


The current pace of globalization in Indian market suggests the rising role of FDI and FII. A natural result is an increased opportunities in the financial markets. There will be a direct rise in banking Industry jobs because of increase in FDI. Research analysis of mergers and acquisitions in e-commerce domain, provide good source of jobs in Investment banking. Retail banking jobs will rise due to heavier circulation of money in Indian Market. Focus on the development of manufacturing and Infrastructure also suggests a higher demand of professionals to coordinate financial markets and execute proper insurance policies.

A number of high end sectors for jobs include Investment Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Financial Consultancy, Portfolio Management, and Forex Trade. Some of the popular profiles are Loan Officer, Probationary Officer, Stock Broker, Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Insurance Agents, Composite Agent, Insurance Surveyors, Company Secretary and Costing and Work Accountant.

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