Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee is at the threshold of a significant change. It has a new status and a new name - Quantum University. The change is however not merely cosmetic. Quantum University has a renewed vision for a very functional, innovative and futuristic education.

Interdisciplinary Education: the strong need for the modernistic student

Before you choose your University, ask yourself a couple of 'New Age' questions.

Can I study Technology with Music, Agriculture with Cyber Security or Computer Science with Economics? Can I continue to pursue my love for Dance or Dramatics? Can I follow my career without giving up my passion?

Will my university allow me such inter-disciplinary immersion that will balance out the technologies and humanities in my professional and personal life? Will the knowledge and skills I receive here help me achieve the real goal of happiness in life by remaining connected with my own self?

Let’s attempt to answer these questions by considering the rise in number of startups in recent years. A mere fraction of these startups could take off the ground because behind these are young graduates specializing in one field or another. What they achieve by way of strong technological application, they often lose by way of poor marketing model. Today’s needs are inherently interdisciplinary and require intense multitasking.

'Interdisciplinary Education' addresses these difficulties quite well. It relies on vibrant modes of instruction. Thus education acquires a holistic spectrum of perspectives and dispels the gloom of compartmentalized knowledge. Consequently, lateral thinking is raised to the same pedestal as technical skills.

Quantum University shall be a University that understands your needs, promotes inter-disciplinary study and prepares you for life.


The curriculum shall give the opportunity to the students to major in a field and at the same time either choose a minor from a completely unrelated field or super specialize in the same field as the major. This provides students an opportunity to do a range of courses thereby enhancing their Lateral Thinking and at the same time they receive in-depth knowledge in their chosen Major enhancing their Technical Skills.


A major is the subject in which the students will earn a Degree. Major is the main field of study where the student will direct its focus. Student would need to earn a set number of credits to complete its degree depending on the chosen major and the university criteria. The major would prepare the student to step into the corporate world or prepare them for post-graduation.

Minors (Optional)

Students would be required to choose subjects from open electives offered by different departments other than the one in which he or she is going the major. Students are encouraged to choose an inter-disciplinary minor to widen their knowledge based and hone their Lateral Thinking.

An interesting minor would let the student stand out at the time of placement. Like a Computer Science Engineering Student can choose to pursue his minor in Entrepreneurship or an Agriculture Student can choose to pursue his minor in Economics and many such combinations shall be available.

Passion Programs:

To fully realize the new vision of learning, Quantum University has a distinct regimen of “Passion Programs” (PROPs). Students no longer have to give up on their passion to pursue their careers. The PROPs shall integrate fields that express our aesthetic senses in music, theatre, photography, design, sports and similar fields often pursued hesitantly, that add a third dimension to an individual. In fact, Quantum University shall actively encourage students to take up the PROPs as their career choices.

For quantum these are not just some bizarre combinations but the components of a holistic and fulfilling education.

Let’s cherish Quantum University as a new movement to establish the belief that an education is beyond scorecards and placements. It’s a tool to shape a lifetime. We want to create an Einstein who chalks out equations on a board with the ease he entertains his friends on a violin. Passion is the axiom of quantum philosophy. Passion is no longer a taboo. It’s a beacon.