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Import and export are international activities which primarily refer to the sale of goods or services. Exports happen when goods are sold while import happens when goods are bought. The GDP of a nation depends intimately on import-export dynamics. With ever proliferating globalization international trade and business is becoming essential to maintain the business edge.

A course in Import-Export Management provides an understanding of international business, marketing and foreign exchange. This course would enable a new manager and entrepreneur to identify financial, legal, and marketing needs of foreign trade.

Import-Export Management is a specialization course, which usually emphasizes the essential aspects of international business and may include some or all of the Government Policy, International Banking and Finance, International Marketing, Shipping and Packaging, Inspection and Customs, Insurance and Risk Management and Legal Documentation. The coursework also involves live projects.


The successful completion of the course enables a student to start a career in international business in the capacity of an importer, exporter, and deemed exporter. Other profile includes such roles in supply chain, logistics, and risk management. Other employment areas include cargo management, marine insurance and packaging industry. There are ample opportunities with the public sector as in Export Promotion Councils, in Trading Houses, Commodity Boards etc.


Marketing is a well-established tool of businesses around the world. It enables businesses to inform the customers about existing and new products. However the information revolution has reinvented the concept of marketing. An increasing number of people spend their time on the internet. Digital marketing is an emerging field dedicated to showcase brands to an internet enabled audience in a swift and focused way. The course has been designed from varied perspectives of consumers, analysts, and entrepreneurs. Managers and entrepreneurs involved in the planning, implementation or monitoring of the marketing strategies can also benefit.

This course has a practical thrust on learning with hands on training, where students work with virtual website, marketing datasets, dummy display ads, SEO lectures and class discussions. Live experience of analyzing responses with analytical software and website optimization via Google Adwords are key elements of the course. The program develops overall understanding of digital marketing platforms, social media tools, Infographics, email marketing, pay per click, Online brochures, Ebooks and whitepapers


Digital marketing offers virtually endless possibilities. A number of offshoots of this field are viable employment options in themselves. These include marketing  via Email, Social Media, Blogs and Mobile. The fields of Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics and Marketing Automation are other related fields buzzing with opportunity.


Retail concerns itself with the sale of goods or service. Retail Management is concerned with analyzing the supply, monitoring retail orders, merchandising, human resources and stocks etc. Retail management is the integrated study of management practices to maximize consumer satisfaction. Retail management in its modern avatar bypasses enhances traditional selling experience via markets, stores or home delivery through modern online marketing. Now, the industry relies on network marketing on internet, electronic payments and ecommerce.

Students pursuing retail management are introduced to a number of concepts chiefly retailing trends, pricing, merchandising, segmentation, and relationship marketing. The whole course inculcates practical knowhow of the management practices involved in front office, inventory, shop floor, store, supply-chain and information technology.


Retail Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The increase in foreign players in retail is also expanding job opportunities in the Indian market. The retail Job opportunities abound in departmental supermarkets, stores, advertising agencies, supply chains, etc. An array of job titles include as floor managers, floor executives, lobby managers, Supply Chain Distributor, Customer Care Executives, Merchandiser, and Image Promoter.


India, with a vast cultural history, has been a favorite tourist destination among tourists from around the world. Consequently this is a demanding sector primarily dealing with tourists needs, hospitality management, travel management, tour management etc. Tourism management professionals are involved in the management of passports, visas, tickets, traveler cheques, personal and baggage insurance, accommodations, travel modes, tour program, itineraries and overall stay of tourists. The routine tasks involve answering inquiry about rates, fares, travel time-tables and all essentials of trip planning. Another task may concern understanding tourist requirements and planning travel economy.

The course structure revolves around a few core subjects that include the essentials of effective Communication Skills, Ticketing Public Relations and Tour Guiding Skills. The more technical aspects are covered in Tourism Policy, Travel Management, and Air Tour Operation.


Globalization is giving a powerful thrust to the Tourism sector in India. Consequently the Government has raised incentive to tourism sector spawning numerous job opportunities in Hotels, Airlines, and Transportation services Resorts and Cruise lines. Government sector employs tourism professionals in Tourist information offices, Tourism Boards (State or Central) etc. The private sector provides a bigger playing field to work for Travel and ticketing portals, Travel agencies, Airlines, Visa and travel document service firms, Hotels, Tourist information office, etc.


A BBA specialization in Hospital Management is a focused course to educate students to the managerial aspects of hospitals and healthcare. Apart from the core managerial study modules this specialization course trains students in Accounting, logistics and operations, brand marketing, HR management, health insurance and finance management aimed at healthcare service administration. 

The course deals with some of the specialized course material aimed to the health sector. These include Clinical Services, Super Specialty Services, Health policy, Organizational behavior, Health economics, Hospital Planning, Health service management, Cost management, Strategic management, Operations management, NGO management, Quality assurance and Information systems.


BBA in Hospital Management train students into management professionals for the healthcare sector. Hence these professionals are recruited both for job profiles in Public and Private sector. the prime source of employment are Clinics, Hospitals, NGOs, Insurance firms, Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare consultancy and various health departments of the Government.

Some popular job profiles are HR Manager, Operations Manager, Consultant and Director.


BBA Finance specialization is designed to provide future professionals in finance with a strong understanding of the inner workings of finance organizations like banking, stock market, brokerages etc. The program thus aims to provide students a glimpse of how domestic and international finances work. Some of the basic areas of study are: International Finance and Trade, Financial Statement analysis, Real estate investment, Commercial bank management and Risk management. The curriculum is supported by an internship component and core elements of business administration.

It is expected that the students develop the ability to informed forecasts and about predictions investments, insurance and finance policy. They are also exposed to theoretical and practical knowledge of financial dynamics of investments, portfolio management, corporate finance, financial engineering, and international finance.


BBA finance Student explores trade and economic affairs with a domestic and global outlook, thus this degree prepares the student for financial advisory roles. Such graduates suit multiple professional setups in businesses organizations. A finance specialization allows work in fields such as payroll, budget analysis, real estate, financial reporting and investor relations among others. Some popular job profiles are: Loan officers, Personal financial advisor and Financial Analysts.


A BBA with a Marketing Specialization is aimed at the future professionals of the Marketing field. It deals with exposing the prospective customers of the products and services. Marketing professionals deal with products development or services of a business. Such graduates work with teams for ad campaigns or develop public relations. They use creative and useful incentives to increase sales.

The main areas of study are such as pricing theory, buyer behavior, import and export. The students are also exposed to liberal arts classes. Active marketing internship provides hands-on work experience. The program hones communications ability, presentation techniques and interpersonal skills.


This degree program may help graduates pursue openings in marketing, sales and advertising management. Some common careers may include the following: Sales manager, Promotions manager, Public relations manager, Advertising manager and Marketing manager.


The BBA in Human Resources Management is a specialization that gives a firm grasp on the core tenets of the art and science of managing people. Students who earn this specialization will master knowledge in a number of business principles that guide practices of human resource management.

Coursework typically includes the study of general management theory, human resources management, marketing, purchasing and decision-making in business. Required courses in a program might include: Training development, Employee compensation, Contract negotiation, Managerial accounting, Organizational Theory and Behavior and Employment law.


Individuals with a human resources specialization are employed in human resources departments, industrial or labor organizations. Some job profiles that is popular in this filed are Employee benefits manager, Human resources generalist, Occupational analyst, Human resources manager, Employee training program manager, Human resources development specialist etc.

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