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B.Sc (Hons.) Food Processing

Food processing is an umbrella term for technology used to process, preserve, manufacture, and package raw food. The raw food could be as varied as grain, fruit, vegetable, meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and confectionery. The basic concern is to resist micro-organisms and enhance flavor to transform raw food into nutritious food products. The food sector is vital to world economy. Food technology has proved useful in improving nutrient value to nourish world communities. Therefore Governments of the World have been focusing on Research in Food Technology. Consequently the field is brimming with opportunity. More and more industries in India are adapting to global standards. Hence there is an increased need of trained professionals.

A student with an affinity for agriculture and appreciation of manual labor is best suited to this course. The prospective student should have a sustainable interest in Biology and Chemistry.


With Food processing industry becoming a focal point for India, this sector is bound to grow exponentially in the coming years. The course aims at providing expertise to conduct relevant food Research and food manufacturing. This includes inventing ways for of food production. It also includes development of ways to improve food freshness and safety. One important aspect is to maintain quality control of food.

Students can choose to emphasize laboratory-based subjects such as food microbiology and food analysis or areas such as quality assurance or food production and development including sensory analysis. The course develops the students knowledge of food manufacturing and processing, analysis and testing packaging, storage, distribution, legal aspects, sustainability and food security.

Students will ultimately become independent researchers or potential managers, with the ability to critically evaluate food science and apply it to new situations, following either an academic or an industrial related career path.


As far as the public sector is concerned a number of Government organizations can provide jobs. Such opportunities are available with Food Corporation of India, Department of Food, Central Warehousing Corporation and Public Distribution System.

The private sector provides opportunities in the Food Manufacturing and Processing, Food Research, Food Wholesale, Healthcare, Hospitals, Catering, Retailer sector, Restaurants, grain Mills, Distilleries, Packaging Industry, FMCG, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Dairy and Poultry Firms, Bakeries & Confectionaries, Breweries and Academic & Research Institutes.

Some job profiles that are usually available are Food Scientist, Food Chemist, Food Technologist, Development Specialist, Food Chemist, Toxicologist, Food Inspector, Food Processor, Manufacturing Specialist, Process Development Specialist, Food Production Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Designer and Brand Managers.


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