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Visit to Pellet Energy System Private Ltd, Roorkee

The Pellet Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PESPL) manufactures biomass based Pellets and Systems that use pellets for generating energy. It's an innovative Green Energy Solutions that will help in improving the environment & are economical to use. The students learnt how waste products can be converted into useful energy pellets which will be eco friendly and cost effective.

Visit to Regional Sericulture Research Station, Dehradun

The Students learnt about rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk, which is the yarn obtained out of cocoons spun by certain species of insects. The major activities of sericulture which comprises of food-plant cultivation to feed the silkworms which spin silk cocoons and reeling the cocoons for unwinding the silk filament was explained to the students.

Training Program on Mushroom Cultivation

The program was conducted at Sowmya Food Industries showed the methodology of growing edible mushrooms with low cost equipments within a small space. The director of Sowmya Food Industries Ms. Diwya Rawat also extends her knowledge to rural groups to bring livelihood opportunities in Uttarakhand region.

Training on Polyhouse Farming Methods

Polyhouse farming is a farming under full controlled condition, temperatures humidity, water fertilizers where everything is automated. We learnt how capsicum can be grown under controlled conditions in polyhouse.

Visit to Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservations

The students learnt about importance of soil and different methods of conservation of water. They were also taken into the museum where they explained about the old and new technologies developed to preserve the soil and water.

Training Program at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dehradun

The basic objectives of KVK Dehradun was to conduct demonstrations, assessment, refinement, validation, and training on technological advancement taking place in the field of agriculture to make it more viable and remunerative.